Short reviews of this play!
We, the students of the 3CHMIZ - after having watched the performance of Vienna´s English Theatre on 12th November, 2007 - were set the following task: Write a short review of this play for the homepage of the HTL-Steyr!

This is what three of us wrote!

The play „Wild Weekend“ is about four young students who have decided to camp in the woods of Wales. On their weekend trip they are confronted with lots of problems, like the problem that they have nothing to drink with them. That was Angus´s fault, because he packed a lot of tins with baked beans into his backbag, but no tin opener and then he also forgot to bring water with him. The fact that they have to starve annoys Leanne most because she is a little bit spoilt and not used to that new situation. Shane, on the other hand, thinks he is the team´s leader. He behaves accordingly. The fourth person on stage is Denise. She is an easy-going person and handles the problems quite well. I think that the plot of the play is a lot of fun. I can recommend this production of Vienna´s English Theatre to people who can follow spoken English, because sentences and words come quite fast!
Leingang Matthias

Four teenagers from London, Shane, Leanne, Angus and Denise are going to stay in the wilderness of Wales for one weekend. After only a short time they get into trouble because they have forgotten to bring important equipment and foodstuff. Shane, a very bossy and arrogant boy, is the team's leader. He wears army clothes and thinks that he is the natural born leader. Leanne, who is clad in modern clothes, is not sensible at all and certainly not used to the wilderness. She has an eye on Shane. Angus is the forgetful one among the boys. He wears battered clothes and falls in love with Denise who is a clever and sensible girl. They are having a really „wild“ weekend with lots of problems but also much fun. In my opinion the performance was fantastic. The young man who played the role of Angus acted very well. All the actors were a good team on stage and thus gave a good performance.
Preßmair Rupert

The play is about four 16-year-old school mates who spend a weekend in the wilderness of Wales. The main characters Shane, Angus, Leanne and Denise are soon confronted with a lot of problems. They get into a storm and so their matches get wet and they can´t light a fire. Angus has forgotten to bring the tin opener and thanks to Leanne the batteries of the cell phone have gone flat. Moreover Angus sprains his ankle and so they are stuck in the wilderness without food, without any contact to the rest of the world, unable to light a fire and with an injured comrade. Shane is a bossy, neatly clad boy, who is the group's leader. Angus is a bit goofy and forgetful. Leanne is a bit stupid, wears unsuitable clothes and has got an eye on Shane. Denise is very clever, wears suitable clothes and knows a lot about nature. I enjoyed watching the play because it was pretty funny and the actors performed very well.
Zeitlhofer Bernhard
Mag. Regina Raffezeder