On Saturday, 3rd of May, the fourth form of the automotive engineering department with focus on English language boarded a plane heading for London. Supported by the two teachers Prof. Eckhard and Prof. Philipps the students had the task of gaining as much information and experience as possible, which could afterwards be applied to their “Matura” project in the subject of English. During the week accommodation and food were provided by private host families, where up to three students were housed in each family. This gave them the unique chance of getting in touch with British lifestyle and habits.

On Sunday the whole class accompanied their two teachers, who showed them the most important sights on a tour through the inner city. From Monday to Friday the students were allowed to form groups in which they could travel around in London independently. In doing so each team tried to visit places and sights relevant for their project. In the mornings during the week briefings in a meeting room were arranged, which helped the groups to exchange knowledge about recommended locations and sights as well as important information concerning day planning.
After one week of talking English only, all of them safely landed in Salzburg again, where switching back to German had meanwhile become quite unusual.

(report by 4ahmiz)