Höhere Technische Bundeslehranstalt Steyr
Schlüsselhofgasse 63
4400 Steyr/Austria
+43 7252 72914 ● www.htl-steyr.ac.at ● office@htl-steyr.ac.at
en The HTL Steyr is permanently striving hard to meet the requirements of industry and everyday life in general.Numerous prizes won at innovative competitions and an excellent reputation of our graduates certify a sound education.

Needless to say, Austria's economical connections worldwide demand a highly qualitative, technical knowledge of our engineers together with well based skills in English.

en   In order to comply with these demands, our college offered the opportunity of teaching students in English in all theoretical subjects.

With the beginning of the winter semester 2005/06, after having got enough enrolled students, the HTL Steyr started such a form of automotive engineering as the first college in German speaking countries.


Meanwhile specially trained teachers have adapted their language to the average English level of the students to attain the most efficient information transfer. In addition, the chance of attending two further conversation lessons has voluntarily been taken by all students.

As English is the language being spoken all over the world, attending this form of automotive engineering opens an international field of employment for our future engineers.