Höhere Technische Bundeslehranstalt Steyr
Schlüsselhofgasse 63
4400 Steyr/Austria
+43 7252 72914 ● www.htl-steyr.ac.at ● office@htl-steyr.ac.at

The HTL Steyr has always tried to meet the latest requirements of extending Globalization. Due to the fact that English has turned out to be the most important business language, we joined the experiment of an English taught class. After three years of experience we can proudly say that our collaboration between teachers and students is very successful.



As we don’t only learn everyday English but also specific technical terms, it adds a completely new variety of jobs. Not only in Austria, also developing countries throughout the world are looking for specially trained engineers. Although we are still in our learning process, many companies offer us the opportunity to join them after finishing school.
To achieve this final aim of being skilled English speakers, we are supported by two further conversation lessons throughout the first two years and special books used in many British and American universities. In the fourth year we will get the possibility of travelling to London for a language week.
Despite some doubts at the beginning of the project we are now absolutely convinced that it was a good decision to be a part of this attempt to provide a multilingual education for technicians.

A.Schicketmüller, K. Schuller, C. Steiner, A. Wagner