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On Friday the 13th of April we, the students of 4AHMIZ, started our trip to the capital city of Great Britain. Our class works in groups of 2 people on a freely chosen topic concerning the city of London. Because of this the target of this week was to extend our project and to obtain more details about the situation there.

In addition, our journey gave us the chance to achieve a better understanding about the way of living, living standards and public services in Britain as well as the general appearance and any other facts which could be necessary for our topic. Living with host families was another positive way of receiving important information directly from citizens.
On the day after our arrival our teachers Mag. Harald Phillips and Dipl.-Ing. Günther Eckhard showed us in the form of a day trip on foot all of the important and intriguing buildings and sightseeing possibilities. It is safe to say that it was worth buying the expensive travel card, costing around 50 pounds, to reach every place in London.
The following days started with a briefing at 9 o´clock at a special cricket club, where we could plan on our own how to continue and where to go. In a short discussion with our class mates and teachers some important information about special topics could also be shared.
Of course we had the possibility to do some sightseeing as well, but we had to keep an eye on working on our projects. Some informed themselves by asking pedestrians on the street and others traveled around to get an impression of the Londoners´ way of life and of doing business and shopping.
To sum up we are absolutely convinced that our well organized week in London was successful and one of the most memorable events of our time in school. Furthermore, it was an additional help in achieving the best results for our projects. We are going to hand in our projects in June with great hope that our final results will be a success and our teacher will be pleased with our work.

Kurt Schröck, student of the 4AHMIZ