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Am Dienstag, den 21.05.2019 machten sich die 4AHEL, die 4BHEL, AV Dipl.-Ing. Franz Parzer, WL Dipl.-Ing. Michael Wittner, Mag. Helga Orgill und Beate Lovasz, BEd., die die Reise geplant hatte, auf zu einer einwöchiger Sprachreise nach Toronto, Canada. Auf dem Programm standen die Erkundung der Stadt und ihrer Sehenswürdigkeiten, der Besuch eines Baseballspiels, aber auch Ausflüge in die Umgebung, wie z.B. zu den Niagara Falls. Dabei hatten die Schülerinnen und Schüler ausgiebig Gelegenheit, ihre Sprachkenntnisse anzuwenden und Eindrücke von einer Stadt zu sammeln, die – verglichen mit europäischen Städten – sehr jung und multiethnisch ist. Wie die folgenden Rückmeldungen zeigen, waren die Schüler begeistert von ihren Erfahrungen in der „Neuen Welt“.

"The trip was well organized and it was packed full of fun stuff to do. There were some activities on our plan that I didn't really need nor like, yet most activities gave us a great view of Toronto - especially the CN Tower. All in all I can really recommend this trip to anyone wanting to travel overseas and students on a language trip in general." - Niklas Amundsson, 4AHEL

§The trip was pretty well organised and we had a lot of things to do there, it was also nice that we did a lot of have-to things like the Niagara Falls and the baseball match. All in all I had a lot of fun and I learned a lot about the country and on top of that I practised my English skills." - Philip Eppensteiner, 4AHEL

"It was a great language trip and in any case very recommendable for every student. There were also some points I didn't like so much but I think that is quite normal. I liked the leisure park Canada's Wonderland and eating at the Mandarin Restaurant most. All in all it was very well organized and I think Mrs. Lovasz did a great job." - Lukas Heiligenbrunner, 4AHEL

"It was nice to see a Northern American city because there are so many differences to European cities. Compared to Austrians the people in Toronto were very nice in all kinds of different situations and when you ask somebody for help you always get a nice answer. The weather was just fine most of the time so we were able to see most of the sights in beautiful sunshine." - Emil Meindl, 4AHEL

"Finally, I want to say that I really enjoyed this impressive culture and language trip and my first flight to another continent. It was very interesting to see the differences between life in Canada and Austria and to get a feeling of Northern American culture. The Niagara Falls impressed me with their size and their amount of water and the boat trip under the Falls was my favourite activity during our trip." - Maximilian Mottas, 4AHEL

"All in all the language trip to Canada was a real fun experience, which in my opinion is something you should have done at least once in your life. The day I enjoyed most was by far the day we spent at an amusement park, where you had to pay just the entry and then were free to do any joyride as often as you wanted to. In summary I can recommend this trip to everyone, because it was fun, interesting and we had nice weather almost all week long." - Andreas Nöbauer, 4AHEL

"Great to see a new continent with such a young history. From the Niagara Falls to the CN Tower everything was amazing. It is just awesome to see how so many cultures come together in one place." - Clemens Ortner, 4AHEL

"It was a trip which definitely was worth the long journey. You could get in touch with American culture, the people are awesome, so many ethnicities crowded in a small space. Ontario has a lot of marvellous places, like Fort Erie, the CN Tower and of course the Niagara Falls. Toronto is quite an impressive city, but back home I am glad to live in a European country." - Michael Salfer, 4AHEL

"It was a great experience to see a Northern American city and to experience the different culture in Canada! All in all there were just a few boring activities, not like you would normally expect on a school trip. One of the best things - at least for me - was “Canada's Wonderland” and the trip to Niagara Falls and for sure the free time we were given to go basically anywhere we wanted to in the whole city." - Martin Steringer, 4AHEL

"It’s hard to choose a favourite thing of all the interesting and fascinating things we experienced during our time in Canada, but something that really stands out was our arrival in the city itself as we were sitting in a typical yellow school bus, driving towards downtown, just watching those enormous skyscrapers appear in front of us." - Mathias Garstenauer, 4 BHEL

"Well to be honest, I cannot pinpoint just one thing. Everything was extremely nice, well organized and in general just a one in a lifetime experience. To do this with my friends and caring teachers was just amazing." - Dino Stormonjak, 4 BHEL

"It was a very well planned trip that really showed us the culture of Ontario and North America in general. I had a big problem with the water in Toronto. The tap water has a lot of chlorine in it, and bottled water is pretty expensive." - Benjamin Bachmayr, 4 BHEL

"I really can’t say what I liked most about our trip, because in my opinion I would say that each day was a highlight for itself. In general, I would say it’s really worth doing, especially for the little cost." - Sandra Dorfer, 4 BHEL

"The trip to Toronto was a great experience for every one of us, because this trip showed us Toronto and its rural environment. We went also to the classical tourist destinations and got insight into the life of the Mennonites." - Martin Bretterebner, 4 BHEL

"I had a really great time except for the 2 days that I had the flu. Otherwise a wonderful trip where I learned loads about Canada and the culture there." - Andreas Scharnreitner, 4 BHEL

"The trip to Toronto was excellent, we saw loads of nice things, from very popular to lesser known things. The time management was also pretty good. The only bad thing was the jetlag, but we managed it successfully." - Maximilian Faller, 4 BHEL

"Canada is one of the most beautiful countries, I’ve ever seen. The Canadians have a wonderful culture, they are friendly, and they seem relaxed. Everybody speaks the same language- English! - which makes it easy to communicate with others." - Florian Gatzweiler, 4 BHEL

"The trip to Canada was very cool and a completely new experience in another country. We experienced the Canadians who are extremely friendly and open. It is difficult to say what the best thing in Toronto was, because everything was great." - Maria Bendra, 4 BHEL

"Definitely one of the greatest trip in my live! Nearly everything was perfect, except for some food and drinks over there. But aside from these few exceptions, is was the perfect trip. The people, the city itself, the sights, … everything was excellent." - Benjamin Lechner, 4 BHEL