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We, the students of the 4AHEL and our teachers Mr. Panhuber and Mrs. Lovasz had the opportunity to travel for a week to Toronto, a metropolitan city in the eastern part of Canada.

On May 10th, we started our journey at 5.30am. With bus (the bus fare was paid by the Elternverein of the HTL Steyr), planes and taxis, from Steyr to Vienna over Frankfurt to Toronto, until we finally arrived at the student residence halls of the University of Toronto. Our “Student Hotel” was very centrally located, and most of us had a little stroll around the neighbourhood and a bite to eat before we went to bed in our clean but very basic rooms.
Every morning our day started with a lot of food from the breakfast buffet of the University´s cafeteria. Hot and cold food and drinks were provided!
Then we were off to see and discover what Toronto and its surroundings had to offer.

During the next few days we experienced a lot of new things, saw many impressive sights and learned a lot about Canadian culture, language, history and geography. We talked to people from all over the world in Kensington. We saw Chinatown, the harbour front of lake Ontario, skyscrapers and a farmers food market, as well as an old fort, a little island in lake Ontario, an amusement park, a very big shopping mall in downtown, and last but not least The Niagara Falls. We also watched a major league baseball game, Boston Red Sox against the Toronto Blue Jays, in a huge stadium.

There was something for everyone. Some liked the dinosaurs in the Royal Ontario Museum the best, others the sight of the skyline at night from on board of a ferry, or they enjoyed the ride into the Niagara Falls with a boat called “Hornblower” or the rides in “Canadas Wonderland”. Everyone had their own highlight.
We were very tired every evening from all the walking and the new things we experienced on this trip, but it was all worth it! On the 18th of May we travelled back home to Austria and after a long journey with taxis, planes and trains and not much sleep because of the time difference of 6 hours, we were glad to be back home, but we would do this trip again anytime. It was well worth doing it for all of us. If you ever get the chance to see Toronto, the 4 AHEL says go for it!